Agenda for SAS WG meeting

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Sat Mar 8 15:07:27 PST 2003

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These are the known issues remaining with sas-r03e, for discussion in 
the SAS WG meeting Monday and Tuesday.

* Expander route index order wording (reflector messages)

* SP15 state
    SP to SL_IR handoff can miss an IDENTIFY due to clock tolerance
    and COMSAS detection tolerance (Bruce Leshay, Maxtor)
* 6.8 SP_DWS wording (reflector messages and 03-114) (Pak Seto, Intel
    and George Penokie, IBM)

    (Rob Elliott, HP)
* 7.14.2 SL transmitter and receiver
    BREAK should be ignored inside OPEN address frames (03-120) 
    (George Penokie, IBM)
* 7.16.1 SSP link layer - Livelock paragraph for port layer 
    (note for Mark Evans, Maxtor)
* Concern on reflector about DONE Timeout vs. Credit Timeout
    (Brian Day, LSI Logic)
* SSP_TC should be a single state state machine (Rob Elliott,
* SSP_TAN should be single state state machine (Rob Elliott,

* 8.1 Port layer rewrite (Mark Evans, Maxtor)

* 10.2.9 SCSI vital product data - device name format waiting on 
    CAP approval of 02-419 (Rob Elliott, HP)

* J SAS logo - need to resolve with SCSI Trade Association 
  (John Lohmeyer, LSI Logic)

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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