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You are right. I missed the SP1 State.

The corrected fix to the problem I raised is just an editorial change.

The fix is as Mark's suggestion:

Change: transition

To: Transition SP2:OOB_NoCOMSASTimeout to SP4:OOB_COMSAS


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> Rob,
> If there is a rev to SAS, here is another error:
> Conflict text to figure:
> doc page 122, Section Transition SP2:OOB_NoCOMSATimeout to
> states "This transition shall occur after receiving a COMINIT Detected
> message."
> doc page 121 Figure 67 shows the SP2:OOB_NoCOMSASTimeout
> state tranitioning
> to SP4 (rather than SP3) when COMINIT Detected message is received.
> Problem:
> Note: This is not the case illustrated in figure 66. In that case the
> timeout occurred on COMINIT. Here the timeout is on COMSAS.
> A transition to  SP3:OOB_AwaitCOMINIT_Sent will result in a hang as
> Transmit COMINIT only occurs in SP0: COMINIT and a COMINIT Transmitted
> confirmation is need to exit SP3:OOB_AwaitCOMINIT_Sent.
> A transition to SP4:OOB_COMSAS is a problem for the attached
> phy. It may
> have completed a Hot-plug timeout and transitioned to
> SP0: COMINIT. A COMINIT Detected confirmation is required to
> exit the SP0.

There's one other exit arc in the bottom left you might have missed.
COMINIT Transmitted causes a transition from SP0 into SP1.  SP1
looks for both COMSAS Detected and COMINIT Detected.

> Suggested Fix:
> Change to:
> "Transition SP2:OOB_NoCOMSATimeout to SP0:OOB_COMINIT"
> Change figure to reflect this change:
> Delete arrow SP2 to SP4,
> Add arrow SP2 to SP0 with COMINIT Detected.

I agree with Mark's suggestion - only the typo from SP3 to SP4
needs to change.

> Jim

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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