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Pat LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Sun Jun 22 13:29:32 PDT 2003

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One of the usb-mass folk just asked where to find mode page x2A defined.

I gave the following partial answer.

I'd welcome any correction/ elaboration you'd like to add.

Pat LaVarre

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Subject: [usb-mass:0470] Mode page 0x2a for CD-ROMs?

> Subject: ... 0469] Mode page 0x2a for CD-ROMs?

In this context by "CD-ROM" we mean PDT x05 i.e. the many flavours of CD/DVD.

I do not know of any clear & accurate specification for:

the changeable mask of any PDT x05 page, or
the reserved bits of any PDT x05 page.

As for the other bits ...

> to understand ... contents of mode page 0x2a ...

The SFF folk of mtfuji5 at avc-pioneer.com, and the ANSI folk of t10 at t10.org, know Lots more about page x2A then I do.

> I have been unable to locate any documentation ...

The first hit of http://www.google.com/search?&q=mode+page+2Ah

> > Document:T10/02-187.r0
> > ...
> > Subject:MMC Working Group Minutes - Wednesday 1 May 2002
> > ...
> > 7.2.3 Proposals for obsolescence
> > ...
> > Mode page 2Ah - Strong concerns

Add enough unwritten context and those recondite remarks point to:

"Berg Software Design: Storage Cornucopia"

"SFF-8020i, Rev. 2.6: ATAPI for CD-ROMs (old and antiquated)" [1996 Jan]
http://www.bswd.com/sff8020i.pdf [787,375 bytes]

" CD-ROM Capabilities and Mechanical Status Page"

> ...


"SCSI Standards Architecture ..."

"MMC-4 Multi-Media Commands - 4 [fourth generation CD and DVD command set]"
http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/drafts/mmc4/mmc4r02a.pdf [3,000,624 bytes]

"Annex E Legacy Specifications"
"E.3.3 MM Capabilities and Mechanical Status Page (Page Code 2Ah)"

> Subject: ... 0469] Mode page ...

As always when talking mode pages I recommend we look out particularly for pointless binary incompatibilities designed into ANSI SPC vs. ANSI MMC for all mode pages.

I remember with most pain the people disagreeing whether changing the CDB can change the additionalLength reported in the Data In, also the people disagreeing over when block descriptors should appear between header and mode page.

> ...

Enjoy, Pat LaVarre

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Subject: [usb-mass:0469] Mode page 0x2a for CD-ROMs?

I'm hoping someone here can help with a friendly request.

I'm working on some USB CD-RW code, and I need to understand what the contents of mode page 0x2a mean.  I have been unable to locate any documentation on this.

Does someone happen to have this handy?


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