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Wed Jun 18 17:38:11 PDT 2003

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SPC-3 Rev. 13, Figure 3 (the PREEMPT flow chart)
now shows that when a LUN has a reservation type
of ALL REGISTRANTS and gets one of the PREEMPT
Service Actions with a Service Action Reservation
Key of 0 all of the registrations except the one
that belongs to the Initiator that sent the PREEMPT
are removed.  However the third paragraph of
Section states that all of the LUN's
registered Initiators whose reservation key was not
removed get a UA with one of the ASCs described in
the text below the paragraph.  It seems like item a)
in that text can't apply in this case since all of
the registered Initiators have had their reservation
removed except for the Initiator that sent the
PREEMPT who never gets UA.  Is there a conflict
between Section and the revised flow chart
or am I interpreting this incorrectly?

Kenneth Ray Craig, Jr.
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