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Simpson, Cris cris.simpson at intel.com
Wed Jun 18 13:57:41 PDT 2003

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   The only thing better than having your own personal T10 mirror (http://www.t10.org/mirror.htm) is the ability to do full-text searches through Acrobat Catalog indices. You can start the index builds by hand, but that's so...manual. Unfortunately, Acro5 removed the ability to start an index build from the command line. I found a utility that will do it for you:

 Download and grab the BuildIndex.exe file.

   To my nightly download/unzip batch file, I added a BuildIndex for each of my indices - works like a charm. I created separate indices for the 'drafts', 'document.03', 'document.02', etc... directories so that I can control what years and documents I search at any time.  BuildIndex appears to queue the build and exit immediately, and each runs when the previous completes.

Hope this is useful!

  YMMV, etc...

rem Batch file to get the T10 daily zip file
rem Edit the next two lines if you put your personal mirror
rem site in some other directory:
cd \specs\t10mirror
python getdaily.py

date /T >> t10log.txt
time /T >> t10log.txt
c:\bin\unzip -d . -o DL\t10day.zip >> t10log.txt

c:\bin\buildindex c:\specs\t10mirror\drafts\index.pdx
c:\bin\buildindex c:\specs\t10mirror\document.03\index.pdx
c:\bin\buildindex c:\specs\t10mirror\document.02\index.pdx

The normal Windows FTP client doesn't appear to work through our proxy, so I wrote a little Python (http://www.python.org) script to do the job. It assumes you've set the environment variable HTTP_PROXY.

import urllib
f = urllib.urlopen('http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/mirror/t10day.zip')
fl = open('c:\\specs\\T10mirror\\DL\\t10day.zip', 'w+b')
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