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Thu Jun 12 11:07:49 PDT 2003

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I have a question concerning Section 6.12.3,
PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT parameter list, in
revision 13 of SPC-3.  There are three
paragraphs that explain the meaning and usage
of the SPEC_I_PT, ALL_TG_PT, APTPL bits in
the parameter list.  The paragraphs for the
ALL_TG_PT and APTPL bits make specific mention
of the fact that the bits are to be ignored
for any Service Action but the two listed.
However there is no statement to the same
effect in the paragraph that describes the
SPEC_I_PT bit.  Is this an oversight or is
the setting of the bit considered to be
valid for all PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT Service

Also, if the SPEC_I_PT or ALL_TG_PT bits are
set for the appropriate Service Actions but
the Target does not support the option should
the Target return the same error information
as it does for the APTPL bit being incorrectly

Kenneth Ray Craig, Jr.
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