Data Integrity vs. Not Copyable On Purpose

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Thanks for the interest offline.  THREE clarifications:

1) My question restated:

I mean to ask for someone to draw a distinction between a file system confirming that it is reading something it wrote and a media player confirming that it is reading something that only an authorised writer wrote.

In my ignorance, I'm failing to draw that distinction, so I think we are again talking about copy protection, except I didn't hear anyone say so, so probably we're not, instead probably I'm just significantly ignorant near here, so I'm curious.  I'm familiar with people using "security" as a euphemism for "copy protection", I'm trying to establish if that is going on here or not.

2) My jargon:

Me, I would define both "copy protection" and "digital rights management" as meaning "making bits not copyable on purpose", though to my ear "digital rights management" implies a finer degree of control, like letting me reinstall Win XP seventy-seven times but not seventy-eight.  Those bits are sometimes copyable and sometimes not - they just aren't infinitely recopyable, despite being bits.

Sorry I slipped out of using the conventional jargon, I should have written "copy protection", rather than "not copyable on purpose".

3) My missing example:

I can't easily provide a widely familiar concrete example of making bits not copyable on purpose, because so far personally I've flatly declined to pay for intentionally crippled digital appliances.

Maybe a widely familiar example, if true as rumoured, would be the movies recorded on DVD's encoded to play only in U.K. players and not also in U.S. players.  I'm told I have to buy one player for when I am in the U.K. and another for when I am in the U.S., and swap out the players to match my disks, according to where I bought my disks.  Or I can buy two of every disk as well as two players, to get out of swapping players.  Seemingly this is an effective tactic of the movement against globalisation.

Pat LaVarre

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