Reminder: Data Integrity Proposal Telecon - June 12

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Tue Jun 10 11:22:55 PDT 2003

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This is a reminder that the next Data Integrity discussion
will be held June 12, as announced prior to the May 30 telecon.

Data Integrity Proposal Discussions

This teleconference is follow-up to the presentation given at the T10 CAP
meeting in May and the telecon conducted on May 30th.
03-110r1 is the presentation, 03-111r0 is the proposal (End to End Data
Protection, see T10 website)

The primary action given at the meeting was to provide use cases to support
the proposal.
Bob Sheffield/Intel and Keith Holt/LSI Logic agreed to lead use case

Secondary actions were to
1) convert proposal to sbc format - Gerry Houlder/Seagate, and
2) generate comparison between this proposal and alternative provided by
IBM - Gerry Houlder/Seagate.

A third action (goal) is to attempt to merge the two alternative proposals
into one for quicker adoption by T10.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
2:00-4:00pm EDT / 1:00-3:00pm CDT / 12:00-2:00pm MDT / 11:00am-1:00pm PDT
Jim Coomes will host this week, as Gary is out of the office

 Teleconference Info:
 Toll-Free: 1-866-828-0531
 Caller Pd: 1-309-229-0103
 Participant:  4022856
 Host (Jim Coomes/Seagate )

 WebEx Info:
 Meeting Name:  Data Integrity Proposal
 Host:  Jim Coomes
 Password: integrity


1) Review Comparison between IBM proposal and Multi-company proposal
     - Gerry Houlder/Seagate

2) Status of proposal conversion to sbc format
     - Gerry Houlder/Seagate

3) Review Use Cases to Support Current Proposal
     - Bob Sheffield/Intel, Keith Holt/LSI Logic, et al.

The next telecon will be held on Friday, June 27, in the same time slot.
Telecon and webex access will be the same.


Gary D. Moorhead
Seagate Technology
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