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Here are the errata I've accumulated for SAS revision 4, from various
including ISO.  They will be fixed in SAS-1.1.  I will probably submit
as public review comments on SAS.

Page 4, references under development
Fill in ISO -xxx with the numbers T10 plans to use

Page 4, Note 1
Change "this document" to "these documents"

Page 111, Table 43 - SATA speed negotiation sequence timing
Change "32 768 OOBI to "1 310 720 OOBI".
The conversion from 880 usec to OOBI was done incorrectly from r03 to
r04 - it's supposed to be 32 768 dwords, not 32 768 bit periods.

Pages 121, 125, 129 (6.7.3, 6.7.4, 6.7.5)
Fix hanging paragraphs (put text into 6.7.x.1 overview subsections).

Page 211, XL6:Open_Response_Wait state description
Delete "containing a higher priority OPEN address frame (see 7.12.3)."
Items c) and e) describe OPENs crossing before AIP, where priority
Items d) and f) describe an OPEN after AIP, where priority doesn't
The phrase that was supposed to be deleted - "containing a higher
OPEN address frame according to the arbitration fairness comparison
(see 7.12.3)" was only partially deleted from f) although it was
fully deleted from d).

Page 223, SSP_D state machine
Change Transmitted DONE (NORMAL) to Transmitted DONE (Normal).
Change Transmitted DONE (CREDIT TIMEOUT) to Transmitted DONE (Credit

Page 297, MT_IP3:Receive state description
Change "not equal to 40h" to "not equal to 41h".
The preceding sentence references 41h and is correct.

For SAS-1.1 only:
Page 104, Figures 55 & 56 - SAS bit transmission & reception logic
The "bit transpose" boxes are causing lots of confusion; they don't
correlate with table 34 (Valid data characters) which shows
HGFEDCBA converted directly to abcdeifghj.

Page 106, 6.5 OOB signals (detection)
Detection shouldn't have to wait on a full ALIGN burst; it's the 
idle time that is most important.  Show the COMxxx Detected 
signals in the middle of the bursts and let the receiver detect 
just the idle times rather than idle time/burst time pairs.

Page 130, Figure 69 - SP state machine SATA host emulation states
Several states (particularly SP16, SP17, and SP18) should have an
escape arc if COMINIT is received to better match the SATA state
machines.  For SAS-1, assume the Management Reset message
triggers an escape.

Page 162, 7.5.1 CRC overview
Clarify what C(x) can be used for - the expected result after
running all the data and the CRC dword through the CRC checker.
Describe this alternate approach to CRC checking (vs. run the
data through the CRC checker and compare to the CRC dword).

ISO now allows pages to be numbered 1..n without using lowercase
Rroman numerals for the beginning.  Convert if ANSI also allows it.

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