Device Identification VPD page typo in SPC3

Mor Griv mor at SANRAD.COM
Tue Jun 3 08:48:14 PDT 2003

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The proposal 02-454r0 ("SPC-3 Add NAA=2 format to VPD 83") was incorporated in SPC3r10 with a typo and hasn't been corrected since.
I'll refer to SPC3r13 so that the section numbers will be clear.

In section " NAA IEEE Extended identifier format" there is an error in "Table 279 — NAA IEEE Extended IDENTIFIER field format".

The IEEE COMPANY_ID field should contains a 24 bit canonical form OUI but the table allocates only 16 bits.
The VENDOR SPECIFIC IDENTIFIER B should contains a 24 bit numeric value but the table allocates 32 bits.

The boundary of the IEEE COMPANY_ID and VENDOR SPECIFIC IDENTIFIER B should be between bytes 4 and 5 and not 3 and 4 as it is illustrated in the original proposal.

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