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A few SAS-1.1 proposals have been posted to

03-186r2 SAS-1.1 Transport layer retries
Updated per the July SAS working group meeting.  Started on standardese
for the transport layer (no state machine modifications yet).

03-266r0 SAS-1.1 Delay AIP (NORMAL) in XL state machine
Additional XL/ECM handshake to help avoid forwarding an OPEN after an
AIP that is lower priority than the incoming OPEN.

03-267r0 SAS-1.1 New BROADCAST (SES) primitive
Let enclosure services (somewhere in the SAS domain) signal an
asynchronous event.

03-268r0 SAS-1.1 BROADCAST (CHANGE) on virtual phy enable and disable
Make it clear that BROADCAST (CHANGE) is also used for virtual phy
changes, and that on real phys it is only used when the SP state machine
goes back to SP0:OOB_COMINIT, not on every loss of dword synchronization
detected by SP_DWS.

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