SBP-3 isochronous data transfer greater than 64 kiB

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On May 12, Andy Green noted that changes to isochronous ORBs discussed and 
agreed by the working group back in February, 2003, had not been included 
in SBP-3 Revision 4. T10/03-265r0 
( proposes to remedy this by 
modifying the SBP-3 working draft and requesting T10 to initiate a second 
public review.

Please comment on the reflector; since we are no longer meeting 
face-to-face, it's important for the working group's opinion to be reported 
to T10. Timely feedback is important, as I am obligated to publish SBP-3 
Revision 4a on the T10 web site by August 27 if a vote is to be taken at 
the T10 plenary September 11.

If the proposed changes are adopted, the only anticipated effect on the 
draft standard is a delay in its official publication until later this 
year. This is necessary to accommodate a second public review. I base my 
opinion on the fact that no comments were received during initial public 


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