PR PREEMPT with no reservation at all

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at
Wed Jul 16 21:19:31 PDT 2003

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I am concerned about how PREEMPT AND ABORT would end
up having to abort tasks in the absence of an existing

To me, this seems to open up a back-channel mechanism
for managing tasks outside reservations.

It seems likely that T10 will frequently fail to consider
these back-channel task management implications when
approving new Persistent Reservations features. The net
result of that will be an unending stream of fixup
proposals that George will have to author.

We need to think carefully about this move.



Charles Binford wrote:

> I agree that a preempt should remove registrations regardless of 
> whether or not a reservation exists. 
> Charles Binford
> Sun Microsystems
> 316.315.0382 x222

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