Backwards Incompatible fix for PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT SPEC_I_PT additionalparameter data bug

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Fri Jul 11 05:18:34 PDT 2003

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This proposal has been revised based on discussions during 
the July CAP working group. As a part of that discussion,
the author of the original proposal (01-100r4) that 03-210r1 
seeks to modify in a backwards incompatible manner agreed 
that the backwards incompatible change could be made.

The backwards incompatible change affects only those
Persistent Reservations implementations that allow a
single PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT command to register more
than one initiator port.

The ability to register multiple initiator ports with a 
single PR OUT command has only been in SPC-3 for the past 
15 months (1.25 years, since April, 2002, SPC-3 r06).
It is a relatively specialized feature. The company that 
requested its definition has not yet implemented it 
sufficiently to find the backwards incompatible change 
unacceptable. This leads to the belief that the change 
can be tolerated throughout the industry.

If your company has implemented the ability to register
multiple initiator ports with a single PERSISTENT RESERVE
OUT command and finds the change proposed in 03-210r1
unacceptable, please notify this reflector or the
September CAP working group.



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