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Wed Jul 2 11:59:24 PDT 2003

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I've just uploaded the following documents related to Persistent

03-231r0 Two Persistent Reservation Problems - Latest Information & Overview
03-232r0 Modified Reservation Handling Proposal
03-233r0 Move Reservation PR Out Service Action Proposal
03-234r0 Explicit Group Proposal

The first of these is further background to our investigation of persistent
reservation issues with tapes and in supporting copy engines. The other two
are first drafts at proposals for the inclusion of new features in SPC-3 to
address these issues.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend next week's CAP meeting due to a
conflict with long-standing vacation plans. My alternate, Ron Martin, was
intending to attend in my place, but I hear that he now has some issues and
might not be able to make it. John & Ralph, it's therefore entirely up to
you if you thinks it useful to discuss this at all next week. Either way,
I'm interested in any feedback, and will be pleased to host a interim
conference call on this topic if there's interest. I will be at the
September meetings for sure.


Roger Cummings
VERITAS Software

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