SAS STP: maintaining affiliations through SATA/SAS changes

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I think anytime an expander generates a CHANGE due to an event on a port, it should clear any active affiliations on that port. Does an expander-initiated link reset cause a CHANGE to be sent? I hope not. The intent was to provide a way for an STP initiator to reset a SATA device without clearing its own affiliation.

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How about:
Expander initiated link reset sequence keeps affiliation.
Wire-initiated OOB clears affiliation (assume SATA drive won't initiate OOB after it's up and running)
In this manner initiators issuing link reset via SMP can keep affiliation.
If a SAS drive is plugged in then affiliation is cleared as it should be.
If a SATA drive is plugged in then affiliation is cleared, assume hot-plug event, initiators must resolve ownership.

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The current text in 9.3.2 indicates STP affiliations are maintained until expander power off, SMP PHY CONTROL requests to change them, or CLOSE (CLEAR AFFILIATION).

It specifically mentions that link reset sequences (e.g. from removing the SATA device) do not change affiliations. 

If a SATA device is pulled and a SAS port shows up in its place, do we want the expander to continue maintaining the affiliation?  It obviously should not not block OPENs headed to the SAS port.  If the SAS port is removed and a SATA device is put back, should the affiliation still be there?

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