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February Mt.Fuji meeting will be held as follows.

Date:     February 21st (Fri), 2003
Time:     9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location: Yamagata Fujitsu Limited,
          #1 Conference room
          5400-2 Higashine-kou, 
          Higashine-shi, Yamagata-pref,
          999-3701, JAPAN

I attached you a map to get you to Yamagata Fujitsu Limited from Tokyo
area and Narita, Hotel list is below. If you attend this meeting,
please send me your name,company name and e-mail address until Feb 14th.
Every attendance must be register please. => Send to mike at yfl.fujitsu.com
If you have any questions please let me know.

Best regards,
Masahiro Ito,
Yamagata Fujitsu Limited,

  Attached is a map to get you to the Yamagata Fujitsu Limited.

<Directions to YFL from JR Tokyo station>
  You may use YAMAGATA-shinkansen from JR Tokyo station.
  If you stay Tendo-city, you get off JR Tendo-station. It's about 3hours
  from Tokyo. The YFL building is located 15 minutes drive distance from 
  Tendou city. You may use taxi.
  Otherwise you stay Higashine-city, you get off JR Sakuranbo-Higashine 
  station. It's about 8 minutes from JR Tendo-station by Yamagata-shinkansen.
  If you take bound for JR Shinjyo station, you do not need change train to
  go Tendo or Higashine station.
  The YFL building is located 9 minutes drive distance from Higashine city.
  You may use taxi.
  You will be required to sign in to get Visitor badge at entrance. 

  More information to see attachment of map.
  I recommend to stay Tendo city. It's good for your staying. There is a lot
  of traditional thing.

  My recommendation are two city to stay near YFL. 
  1) Tendo city
     Tendo-city is about 15 minutes(7 miles)to YFL.
     ==> See below.

  2) Higashine city
     Higashine-city is about 9 minutes(4 miles).

  There are nice hot springs for both city.

  If you have questions please let me know.

==> Now snowing season in Yamagata. There are snow a lot sometimes.
Best Regards,
Masahiro Ito
Fujitsu Limited,
Yamagata Fujitsu Limited,

Hotel list for Tendo-city

Takinoyu Hotel
http://www.takinoyu.com/  [Japanese page only]
TEL +81-23-654-2211
Hot springs

Futamikan [Hot Springs]
http://www.catvy.ne.jp/~futami/ [Japanese/English page]
TEL +81-23-653-5181
FAX +81-23-653-5153 
Hot springs
Hotel View Kuroda
TEL +81-23-654-1515 
Hot springs

Hotel Kinokawa
TEL +81-23-653-4475
None Hot springs

Park Hotel
TEL +81-23-654-0456 

Central Hotel
TEL +81-23-654-8822

More information

  If you would like to stay Higashine-city please let me know.
And I can help you for make a reservation if you like. Please
contact me.

Masahiro Ito, Yamagata Fujitsu Limited
E-Mail:mike at yfl.fujitsu.com
FONE:+81-237-43-7150(DID) FAX:+81-237-43-7155 

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*** contact Mike Ito <mike at yfl.fujitsu.com> if your require the 
*** map.

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