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SAS editor's meeting


1. SMP PHY CONTROL PPTV and programmable link rate fields

a) new phy operation to write
b) make 0h mean "maintain"
c) add write enable bits for each field

2. Section 9.2.1 SSP frame format TARGET PORT TRANSFER TAG field

SSP target ports may use this field in incoming DATA frames 
to establish write data context and 
shall ignore this field in all incoming frames other 
than DATA frames.

The last part of that sentence has raised some complaints:
a) shall ignore this field vs.
b) may ignore this field

If b) is chosen, we have to pick the sense key/additional sense code 
and add support for detecting this error to the SSP transport
layer state machine and the error handling discussions in
chapters 9 and 10.

3.  Port layer rewrite

A proposal has been made to simplify the timer description
by making the timers inexact (they won't measure exactly what
they're supposed to measure).

4. Transport layer retries

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