ADI Teleconference Agenda, Wednesday 29 January 8:00 AM PST.

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The agenda for Wednesday morning's ADI teleconference will be available
soon on the T10 web site.  In the meantime, here is a text-only version.



Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions, LLC


Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Teleconference
January 29, 2003
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

0.  Conference Call Information (hosted by Seagate):
    Toll Free:          (866) 828-0531
    Toll:               (309) 229-0103 (including international)
    Participant Code:   6412485

1.  Introductions:                                      Group

2.  Approval of this agenda:                03-068r0    Paul Suhler

3.  Approval of previous meeting minutes:   03-041r0    Paul Suhler

4.  Review of action items:                             Michael Banther
    a.  Michael Banther to produce a proposal for
        device server interaction section in ADC document.
    b.  Lee Jesionowski to create a proposal for method to convey
        Interface Status changed.
    c.  Paul Entzel to write up a proposal for the ADC model of
    d.  Susan Gray will investigate whether we have a preference to an
        Attention signal or AER frame for asynchronous event reporting.
    e.  Paul Suhler to follow up with SNIA Interoperability Conformance
        Test Program (ICTP) Subcommittee regarding test/emulation tool.
    f.  Rod Wideman will add ADC device server interaction sub-clause,
        but no content, in clause 4.
    g.  Paul Suhler will proposal a bridging function.
    h.  Rod Wideman will review SSC log pages for applicability to ADC
        and bring in a proposal.
    i.  Lee Jesionowski will propose the Requested Recovery log page.
    j.  Rod Wideman will review SSC and SPC VPD pages for inclusion in
        ADC and bring in a proposal.
    k.  Rod Wideman will revise 03-042 based on group comments.
    l.  Paul Suhler will provide a diagram of the relationship between
        the ADC device server, data transfer device server, and
        application client(s).
    m.  Rod Wideman will incorporate 02-392r0 into ADC.
    n.  Paul Suhler will revise 03-008.
    o.  Rod Wideman will incorporate 03-008 as revised into ADC.
    p.  Erich Oetting will evaluate the current ACK and NAK frames
        to check if byte stuffing can occur in them.
    q.  Erich Oetting will propose a Checksum field.
    r.  Paul Suhler will post schedule for teleconferences to
        T10 reflector.
    s.  Paul Suhler will talk to John Lohmeyer about next meeting
        requirements in the T10 plenary week.  We want to grab SSC-2
        afternoon time.
    t.  Rod Wideman will post ADC draft incorporating all accepted
        proposals to the T10 document archive.

5. Discussion items:

6. Unscheduled business:

7. Next meeting requirements:                           Paul Suhler
    The group will hold teleconferences on 12 February 2003, and 26
        February 2003.  Both of these teleconferences will start at 8:00
        AM PST and finish at 10:00 AM PST.  Volunteers to host these
        calls are requested.
    The next meeting will occur during the normal plenary week on 10-11
        March 2003.

9. Review new action items:                             Michael Banther

10. Adjournment:                                        Group

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