February Mt. Fuji meeting date change

takeshi_kohda at post.pioneer.co.jp takeshi_kohda at post.pioneer.co.jp
Sun Jan 26 17:07:26 PST 2003

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The next Mt. Fuji plenary meeting date/location and host has been
rescheduled due to feedback from people who are planning to attend the next

The host of the next Mt. Fuji plenary will be changed from MEI to Yamagata
Fujitsu Limited.
And the date and location will be changed as follows:

DATE:         February 21, 2003
LOCATION: Yamagata Fujitsu Limited, Yamagata, Japan

The detail information will be announced from Ito-san of Yamagata Fujitsu
Limited later.

Best Regards,
Takeshi Kohda

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