Serial Attached SCSI revision 3a now available

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Serial Attached SCSI revision 3a is now available on It resolves some (but far from all) of the
letter ballot comments.

03-055r0 contains the current status of letter ballot comment
resolution.  Two versions are available:
* 03-055r0.pdf is the working list of comments, sorted by page.
* contains SAS revision 3 with comments as Acrobat
comments.  Acrobat takes too long to generate just an .fdf file with
this many comments, so I'm just providing the .pdf itself.

[Note: the zip file will display as 0 bytes on the web site until
Monday; it's really there and is 3482 KB).

Comments are marked with these keywords:
ACCEPT [-DONE]: comment accepted in principle [and implemented in
REJECT: comment rejected in principle (sometimes a different change
resulted; these are noted)
REFER PROTOCOL, PHYSICAL, or EDITORS WG: direction needed from a WG
REVIEW PROTOCOL, PHYSICAL, or EDITORS WG: comment accepted or rejected,
but resolution needs review by a WG

There are about 2100 comments so far.  George Penokie (IBM) came in
first place with 44%; LSI was second with 14%; Seagate third with 12%.
Microsoft kindly submitted just 1 comment.

Rob Elliott, elliott at
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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