"End of an Era"

Daniel.F.Smith at seagate.com Daniel.F.Smith at seagate.com
Fri Jan 10 09:23:35 PST 2003

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As Ralph Weber so eloquently put it   "a multi-decade era in SCSI standards
came to an end..."  with the SPI-5 vote.
Many people have worked diligently on this standard for years. I would like
to thank all  with whom I've worked for your professional attitude, hard
work, and humor in the face of occasional madness.

Additional thanks is well deserved by the following people whom I've
observed, during my acquaintance with the commitee, to be particulary
valuable souls.

An earnest thanks to:

John Lohmeyer
George Penokie
Ralph Weber
Larry Lamers
Paul Aloisi
Bill Ham
Dal Allan
Gene Milligan (posthumously)

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