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The draft agenda for next Tuesday's meeting of the Automation/Drive
Interface working group is now available:

I've included it below for your information.


Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator

Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
January 14, 2003 - Portland, OR
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

1.  Introductions:                                              Group

2.  Call for secretary:                                         Paul Suhler

3.  Approval of this agenda:                        03-039r0    Paul Suhler

4.  Approval of previous meeting minutes:           Paul Suhler
    a.  11/05/2002 meeting minutes                  02-412r0
    b.  11/20/2002 conference call minutes          02-494r0
    c.  12/03/2002 conference call minutes          03-016r0
    d.  12/19/2002 conference call minutes          03-026r0

5.  Review of action items:                                     secretary
    a.  Find a permanent secretary for this committee.
    b.  Michael Banther to produce a proposal for device
        server interaction section in ADC document.
    c.  Rod Wideman to create proposal to include sequence  diagram in
        ADC for state transition table, verify adequate definition of
    d.  Rod Wideman to create possible VPD page that describes
        supported states and transitions.
    e.  Lee Jesionowski to create a proposal for method to
        convey Interface Status changed.
    f.  Lee Jesionowski to work within IBM to find possible resolution
        for signal conflict on connector regarding wrap plug.
    g.  Paul Entzel to write up a proposal for the ADC model of
    h.  Paul Entzel will report the results of  online query of what
        characters should and should not be used for start of frame and
        end of frame characters in the ADT frame format.
    i.  Susan Gray will investigate whether we have a preference to an
        Attention signal or AER frame for asynchronous event reporting.
    j.  Paul Suhler to follow up with SNIA Interoperability Conformance
        Test Program (ICTP) Subcommittee regarding test/emulation tool.
    k.  Rod Wideman and Paul Entzel to present comprehensive list as to
        what needs to be added to standards docs at the next plenary
        week meeting.
    l.  Paul Suhler to investigate usage/need of two stop bits in ADT.
    m.  Paul Suhler to investigate length of process involved for
        getting connector made standard by SFF Committee.  Question is
        to how it might line up with timeline for ADT.
    n.  Michael Banther to create 02-358r4 to incorporate comments from
    o.  Rod Wideman to incorporate 02-489r0 as modified per comments into

6. Discussion items:
    a.  ADC status                                              Rod Wideman
    b.  ADC State Transition Table Informative      03-042r0    Rod Wideman
    c.  ADC State Sequence Capabilities VPD Page    03-043r0    Rod Wideman
    d.  ADC Clause 4.2.1 rewrite                    02-392r0    Paul Suhler
    e.  ADC:  Disabling a Port                      03-008r0    Paul Suhler
    f.  ADT status  ADT-r01 Paul Entzel
    g.  SOF/EOF/ESC characters                      ?           Paul Entzel
    h.  ADP Signal Descriptions Proposal            02-358r4    Michael
    i.  ADT Connector Status                                    Paul Suhler
    j.  Requirement for two stop bits                           Paul Suhler
    k.  Test/emulation tools status                             Paul Suhler

7. Unscheduled business:

8. Next meeting requirements:                                   Paul Suhler

9. Review action items:                                         secretary

10. Adjournment:                                                Group

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