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The draft agenda for Monday's SSC-2 working group meeting is now available
on the T10 web site:

Please note that the meeting is now scheduled to start at 1:30 PM.  The
SMC-2 working group will meet in the morning.  Action items d and f apply
to all members.

After generating the draft agenda, I found one more document on the T10 web
site (added at 5d below) and corrected the location.

The revised agenda is included below.


Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions
SSC-2 Secretary


Draft Agenda
SSC-2 Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
January 13, 2003 - Portland, OR
1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

1. Introductions:                                           Group

2. Approval of the agenda:                  T10/02-413r0    Dave Peterson

3. Approval of minutes:                                     Dave Peterson
    a.  11/04/2002 working group minutes    T10/02-414r0

4. Review of old action items:                              Paul Suhler
    a.  Dave Peterson to generate a proposal to obsolete mode page 14h.
    b.  Kevin Butt to write text for clause 4.2.5 for logical
        file address and logical set address, and to verify consistency
        the READ POSITION command.
    c.  Kevin Butt to determine the impact of obsoleting READ
        POSITION service action 01h.
    d.  All to research and report how residuals are reported for
        a failed WRITE FILEMARKS command and for deferred errors on
        non-write commands.
    e.  Dave Peterson will review his notes on Exabyte 12 and devise
    f.  All to review TapeAlert in latest revision and to investigate
        how their companies want TapeAlert to be documented.
    g.  Dave to produce and post revision 8f.

5. Discussion items:
    a.  Rewind on logical unit reset             T10/02-471r1    Rob
    b.  Sequential-Access Device log page        T10/03-010r0    Kevin Butt
    c.  Locate to Mark                           T10/03-017r0    Kevin Butt
    d.  SSC-2: Sequential-Access Device log page T10/03-010r0    Kevin Butt
    e.  SSC-2 comment resolution

6. Unscheduled business:                                    Dave Peterson

7. Next meeting requirements:                               Dave Peterson

8. Review new action items:                                 Paul Suhler

9.  Adjournment:                                            Group

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