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Mon Jan 6 06:42:11 PST 2003

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For a very long time now, SAM-2 and SAM-3 have included
a laundry list of things needing to be cleaned up (right
after the revision history) in the front matter.

Some of the items in that list were resolved by the
SAM-2 Letter Ballot. My opinion on others has mellowed
over the years. But, a little work still remains undone.

To finally rid SAM-3 of the laundry list blight, I have
prepared three proposals:

  o Remove ULP and LLP from SAM-3

  o SAM-3 Glossary Cleanup

  o What is architectural about SAM-3 CDB definitions?

Compared to the CA and AEN issues, these three are a cake
walk. Perhaps the most revolutionary is the 03-005 wherein
it is proposed that the operation code format definition
be moved from SAM-3 to SPC-3.

All the best.


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