03-002r0: Remove SPI from SAM-3 and SPC-3

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Sat Jan 4 16:55:58 PST 2003

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  To avoid any chance of the CAP meeting being dull and
boring, I have uploaded:


The intent of this proposal is to remove the vestiges of
the SCSI parallel bus from SAM-3 and SPC-3.

I believe that two areas need to be addressed:

  o Making autosense the way sense data is returned
    for a CHECK CONDITION, and
  o Removing Contingent Allegiance.

Past changes have made autosense mandatory. 03-002
carries this a step farther by removing the term 'autosense'
and making the delivery of sense data concurrently with
a CHECK CONDITION status flat-out the way the architecture

The changes that remove contingent allegiance do exactly
that ... take CA out and put nothing back in its place.
For some, this could be a big fat hairy deal. In many
cases, however, the changes are as simple as replacing
'CA or ACA' with 'ACA'.

Things get a little dicey in the discussion of how QErr
causes tasks other than the task that got the CHECK
CONDITION to be aborted. Those of you with strong gut
instincts about how SCSI works will want to verify
your editor's understanding of this key area.

Whacking CA also produced some colorful rewrites in the
subclauses describing CA and ACA (right, those subclauses
we sweet blood over late in SAM-2 development). However,
my opinion is that the changes appear to be more sweeping
than they really are.

See you all in Portland.


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