[T11.3] World Wide Port Name vs. Port Name

RogerR at exabyte.com RogerR at exabyte.com
Thu Jan 2 12:30:18 PST 2003

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Actually, FC-FS should have minimal use of the "world-wide" terminology.
Avoiding the requirement for world-wide uniqueness permits the use of NAA
format 3 ("locally assigned") names without making special allowances
throughout the standard or weakening the definition of "world-wide".

Whenever "Node_Name" or "N_Port_Name" are used alone, they may be either a
"Worldwide_Name" or simply a name unique within the fabric.  It makes some
sense for the embedded implementations, since there isn't any great value in
ensuring world-wide uniqueness on closed systems.


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> In SPC-3 Rev. 10 Clause, I see the use of the terms 
> "world wide port name" and "world wide node name."  By my reading of 
> FC-FS, the terms "N_Port_Name" and "Node_Name" are implicitly world
> wide names.
> Should SPC-3 be changed to use the shorter "Port Name" and 
> "Node Name" ?
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