New and updated SAS and CAP proposals

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Several new and updated proposals are now posted on for discussion at the January SAS and CAP WG

These are new proposals:
04-032r0 SAS-1.1 ALIGNs through expanders
    The 1/2048 rule needs to be 2/4096 for expanders forwarding
    1.5 Gbps traffic to a 3.0 Gbps link.

04-031r0 SPC-3 Padding Supported Diagnostic Pages 
    Let diagnostic page 00h be padded with bytes of zeros so it 
    is 4-byte aligned.

These are updated proposals:
04-010r1 SPC-3 SES-2 Diagnostic subpages 
03-387r1 SPC-3 SBC-2 Data protection usage detection  
03-354r1 SPC-3 Specify initiator ports in EXTENDED COPY target
03-344r2 SPC-3 SAM-3 Report all initiator and target ports  (03-353
merged into this proposal)
03-342r3 SPC-3 Persistent reservations read full status 
03-337r3 SPC-3 Third party persistent reservations   
03-316r2 SPC-3 Mode Page Policy VPD page   
03-186r4 SAS-1.1 Transport layer retries 

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