Updated/new SPC-3/SBC-2 proposals

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) elliott at hp.com
Sat Dec 13 15:10:07 PST 2003

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Updated versions of these proposals are now on
http://www.t10.org/new.htm for discussion in the January CAP WG meeting:
03-342r2 SPC-3 Persistent reservations read full status
03-351r1 SAM-3 SPC-3 Task Attributes VPD page

This is a new proposal:
03-388r0 SBC-2 Nonvolatile caches
This proposal exposes nonvolatile caches to software, clarifying when
Force Unit Access and Synchronize Cache mean to just flush to
nonvolatile cache or to flush all the way to the medium.

Also, don't forget to review these SBC-2 proposals:
03-361r1 Command Classification Field (George Penokie)
04-015r0 SBC-2: Problems with app client modifiable ref tag (George
04-016r0 SBC-2 Obsolete third party XOR commands (Jim Coomes)
04-013r0 SBC-2: List of Functions to Obsolete (George Penokie)
04-012r0 SBC-2: Write Same fixes (George Penokie)
04-011r0 Changing Logical Block Sizes (George Penokie)

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