sas1r02: Phy Status (Connection) Description

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Mon Dec 8 14:21:05 PST 2003

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> To the editor and others:
> In Table 10, the description of Phy Status (Connection), part 
> (a), states that 
> the expander phy is in the XL7 or XL8 state and is receiving 
> Arbitrating 
> (Waiting on Connection) from the ECM.
> However, XL7 and XL8 never receive any ECM confirmations.  I 
> believe removing 
> the condition "and is receiving ..." fixes the standard.
> Also, part (a) needs to be suffixed with an 'or'.
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Agreed to both.  The "and is receiving..." phrase was mistakenly picked
up from b).  I'll mark these for the new rev.

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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