ADI Working Group: Call for Agenda Items, 5 - 6 May 2003 Meeting

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Mon Apr 28 09:36:09 PDT 2003

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The current items on the ADI agenda for next Monday's and Tuesday's meeting

a.  ADI Bridging Proposal                03-077r6   Paul Suhler
b.  ADC Notify Data Transfer Device      03-165r1   Paul Suhler
c.  Add content to model section of ADT  03-163r0   Paul Entzel
d.  ADC model of TapeAlert                          Paul Entzel
e.  Review of ADT                                   Paul Entzel
f.  Review of ADC                                   Rod Wideman

If you have any additions or other changes, please e-mail them to me and to
Michael Banther for inclusion in the agenda.


Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator

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