Meeting Agenda: Nashua, NH

Peter Johansson PJohansson at
Thu Apr 24 14:28:21 PDT 2003

The proposed agenda for the SBP-3 working group meeting follows:

  1.     Introductions and procedures
    1.1  T10 Membership and voting
    1.2  Document naming conventions
    1.3  Two-week rule
    1.4  Meeting fees
    1.5  Approval of prior minutes (03-070r0, 03-135r0)
  2.     Call for patents
  3.     Informal liaison
    3.1  IEEE P1394.1 [Johansson]
    3.2  IEEE P1394.3 [Johansson]
    3.3  1394 TA PTP [Anderson]
  4.     Prior action items (X denotes completed)
    4.1  Request Apple comment on 02-281r0 [Anderson]
    4.2  Request T10 letter ballot on SBP-3 Revision 3.0 [Johansson] X
  5.     Review reflector traffic
  6.     Comment resolution
  7.     New business
  8.     Meeting schedule
  9.     Review of action items
10.     Adjournment

Despite the inclusion of customary agenda items, there is really only one 
topic for the  meeting and that is comment resolution in preparation for 
forwarding SBP-3 to its first public review. No future SBP-3 working group 
meetings are anticipated.

PLEASE NOTE that the first day of the SBP-3 working group meeting, Tuesday, 
May 6, has been canceled. The SBP-3 working group meeting will be ONLY ONE 
DAY: Wednesday, May 7.


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