SAS-r03g: Partial Pathway Timeout Value

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Wed Apr 23 17:01:47 PDT 2003

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1) NOTE 23 refers to a recommended default partial pathway timeout value.  There 
should be a reference to NOTE 36 where this value is defined as 7us.

2) states that "An expander phy shall initialize the partial pathway 
timeout timer to the partial path timeout value reported in the SMP DISCOVER 
function ...".  However, this value is contained only in an SMP DISCOVER 
response.  If an edge expander is not required to initiate an SMP DISCOVER 
request, then it will not receive a response and cannot receive this 

3) In, units are not stated for PARTIAL PATHWAY TIMEOUT VALUE.  Are 
units expressed in microseconds and is the allowable range from 0 to 15?

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