SAS OOB and Expanders

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> In Section 6.5, the last sentence states "Expander devices shall not
> OOB signals. An expander device shall run the link reset sequence
> on each physical link." Does this mean that if an initiator issues a 
> COMRESET/COMINIT via OOB, that the expander will reset the link and
> reissue the OOB to each Phy connected to the expander, or reset the
link and 
> then nothing more, and SMP PHY CONTROL is use to reset expander
connected Phys

The physical link from the initiator to expander gets reset.  The
does not do anything to its other physical links.

The initiator should not issue an SMP PHY CONTROL function to reset the
physical links after this happens; that's only intended for use if it
those other physical links are broken.  

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