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Hello Bill,

Thank you for your meeting arrangement.
According to your decision, the schedule of Mt. Fuji plenary should also be
moved to May.
However the schedule for Mt. Fuji meeting is not assigned yet.
Originally, Mt. Fuji and MMC 4 was scheduled as:

      April 23 Mt. Fuji
      April 24 MMC4
      April 25 MMC4

So I would like you to modify the usage of the meeting time as the one of
the following:

Option #1) May 12 MMC4 & Mt.Fuji joint meeting, or time sharing with Fuji
and MMC4 (Sunnyvale)
           May 13 MMC4 (Sunnyvale)

If MMC4 requires full two days:
Option #2) May 12 Mt. Fuji (Sunnyvale)
           May 13 MMC4 (Sunnyvale)
           May 14 MMC4 (Pioneer will arrange the meeting place around

In the case of Option #2, Pioneer will arrange the meeting place for May 14
I would appreciate if you could accept my proposal.

Thank you,
Takeshi Kohda

>MMC WG Members:
>After some difficulty, I have been able to arrange the next meeting.
>The next MMC WG meeting will be in Sunnyvale at the Philips Semiconductors
Learning Center, May 12 and 13.  I will >e-mail a map once I am able get
>Please send an e-mail to bmcferrin at if you expect to attend.  I
have a room available for 20 people.  Some >expansion is possible.
>Thank you for your patience,
>Bill McFerrin

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