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On Friday we discussed these solutions to a few SAS topics regarding

1. Additional sense code for NAK
Changed text in 7.16.3 from DATA PHASE CRC ERROR DETECTED to NAK

2. SP handling DWS Lost during speed negotiation
Changed SP10, SP11, SP12, and SP13 text on receiving DWS Lost to either
resend Start DWS or go back to SP0:OOB_COMINIT (so it doesn't always
restart OOB when losing sync while searching for ALIGNs).

3. SL_CC handling CLOSE for STP connections
Change SL_CC3:Connected to honor CLOSE if the connection is STP; it will
transition to a new state which transmits a CLOSE and goes to idle.

4. Credit Blocked timing
Add "or received a CREDIT_BLOCKED" to the definition of the DONE (CREDIT
TIMEOUT) description to match the state machine description.

5. Port layer comments
In PL_OC, explicitly list ACKs, NAKs, and Connection Failed instead of
"acknowledgement from the link layer" for some fo the wide link rules.
Change the port and transport layers to report ACK Received, NAK
Received, and Connection Failed as Transmission Status () confirmations.

6. Virtual link terminology
No change for SAS-1; maybe for SAS-1.1.

7. Protocol-Specific mode page Phy Operation field
Mark the Phy Operation field as Restricted for SAS-1.

8. XFER_RDY never followed by DATA
George Penokie will prepare a detailed proposal proposing that the
stalled I_T_L_Q be terminated.  This requires a timer in the transport
layer state machine.  TBD if the initial value is the I_T Nexus Loss
time or an independent time.

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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