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There has been a late request to reconsider the choice of ADT connector and
possibly the cable characteristics.  Please send your comments to me.  This
will be added to the agenda for the Tuesday, 8 April teleconference.


Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions, LLC

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I was finally able to gather some comments from within ADIC as follows:

"In general this connector is fine, but the 2mm pin spacing makes it a
little large.

2 mm pin spacing with 2 rows of pins would be better.

A connector which can handle 28 awg (30,32,34 awg is smaller, 26,24,22 awg
is larger) wire is best. Smaller wire gage is not recommended.

A 1.5 mm pitch connector may be the best compromise

Currently one of the drives uses a 0.8mm pitch connector and our experience
has been that the 32 awg wire is too small and the pins are difficult to
handle and crimp.

JST does have some 1.0mm pitch connectors which can handle up to 28 awg


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