April (or May) MMC Meeting

Harry Ai ai.takaharu at jp.panasonic.com
Wed Apr 2 21:59:25 PST 2003

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Hello Bill,

Of cource, we, Matsushita prefer WinHEC plan.

I have not a strong opinion about the location, but how about Seattle area 
or Bay area?

Is above preference OK for you?

Best Regards,

Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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>Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 00:33:17 -0500 (EST)
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>Subject: April (or May) MMC Meeting
>Ai-san has a good point.  So, let us take a poll.
>Who prefers the Honolulu plan? (April 23-25)
>Who prefers the week after WinHEC plan? (May 12-14)  If you prefer this one, 
>and you have a preference for a meeting location, please specify it.
>Send your preferred plan and number of attendees to bmcferrin at aol.com.  I 
>must get planning started very soon, so please send your e-mail as soon as 
>Thank you,
>Bill McFerrin
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