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I've just posted the draft agenda for Tuesday's ADI working group meeting.
It's reproduced as text-only below.

QLogic is trying to arrange for a speaker phone and may also be able to
arrange a conference number to call.  Lee Jesionowski would be dialing in.
Michael Banther will not be able to attend, but if he can call in then we
can move his agenda items to the top of the list, as it will be late
afternoon in the UK.

When I have a final word on the dial-in, I'll send e-mail to the reflector.


Paul Suhler
ADI Facilitator


Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
November 5, 2002 -- Huntington Beach, CA
9:00 AM -- 5:00 PM PDT

0. A speaker phone and conference number may be available for dial-in.
   Information will be distributed via T10 e-mail reflector.

1. Introductions:                                                 Group

2. Call for secretary:                                            Paul

3. Approval of this agenda:                          02-412r0     Paul

4.  Approval of previous meeting minutes:                         Paul
    a.  09/10/2002 meeting minutes                   02-328r0
    b.  10/03/2002 conference call minutes           02-401r0

5.  Review of action items:                                       secretary
    1.  Find a permanent secretary for this committee.
    2.  Paul Entzel will post a message to the reflector to request start
of frame characters.
    3.  Bob Griswold to include existing proposals and updates noted in
these minutes in ADC document by one week before next meeting
    4.  Michael Banther to produce a proposal for device server interaction
section in ADC document.
    5.  Paul Suhler to update section 4.2.1 of the ADC document.
    6.  Each of us to investigate possibility of participation in joint
development of an emulation/test tool.
    7.  Rod Wideman to create proposal to update ADC VHF log page, clean up
Status Valid meaning, add "leaving state" bit per discussion of 02-257r1.
    8.  Rod Wideman to create proposal to include sequence diagram in ADC
for state transition table, verify adequate definition of terms.
    9.  Lee Jesionowski to explore standardization of recommended recovery
procedures (load/unload), possibly associate with state transitions.
    10. Rod Wideman to create possible VPD page that describes supported
states and transitions.
    11. Everyone to consider providing integration or recovery guides for
their drive to Lee Jesionowski to facilitate identifying standard recovery
    12. Paul Suhler to report on how to specify an existing vendor's
connector in a standard.
    13. Everyone think about connector selection issue (single connector,
multiple connectors, "superset" connector) and derive position statement.
    14. Michael Banther to add Sense(target) back to table in 02-358r1.
    15. Paul Entzel to incorporate suggested changes by Michael Banther
(T10/02-351r1) and Paul Suhler (9/30/2002 e-mail) into a new revision of
02-253 and submit to Bob Griswold for inclusion to ADC.
6. Discussion items:
    a.  New editors                                             All
    b.  ADC clause 4.2.1, ADI overview             02-392r0     Paul Suhler
    c.  Device server interaction                  02-xxx       Michael
    d.  ADC VHF log page                           02-xxx       Rod Wideman
    e.  ADC sequence diagram                       02-xxx       Rod Wideman
    f.  ADC recovery procedures                    02-xxx       Lee
    g.  Decision on start of frame characters                   Paul Entzel
    h.  ADP signals revision                       02-358r1     Michael
    i.  Connector selection approach                            All
    j.  Standardizing connectors                                Paul Suhler
    k.  Changes to schedule                                     All

7. Unscheduled business:

8. Next meeting requirements:                                 Paul Suhler

9. Review new action items:                                   secretary

10. Adjournment:                                              Group

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