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Thu Oct 31 09:33:58 PST 2002

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SPI-5 rev 4 is available at the location below. It contains the changes
made as a result of the accepted letter ballot comments. All changes are
marked and should be looked at, if you care, before the meeting next
Monday. I intend to only cover the editors notes unless there are specific
questions about other changes that were made. Also, any commentor that
received rejected comments should be prepared to address the group to
convince them that the editor doesn't know what he is doing.

Any changes that are made during the meeting will be incorporated into a
new version of the comments resolution document. I fully intend to bring
that document to the plenary for a vote next week.

If there are any additional technical changes I will create a rev 5, if
there are only editorial changes I will create a rev 4a. In either case I
will be request one of those versions be sent to INCITS for public review.


Bye for now,
George Penokie

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