dance of the media serial numbers (using LOG SENSE)

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Tue Oct 29 11:20:03 PST 2002

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At the last t10 meeting, we were instructed to investigate the LOG SENSE (section 7.6) command for retrieving media serial numbers. Apparently, tape vendors do this sort of thing "all the time" (is this true?). After some internal discussion, this would seem to meet our needs.
As I read SPC3, implementing LOG SENSE doesn't require implementing any other command (like LOG SELECT, section 7.5). A new section will need to be added to LOG PARAMETERS (section 8.2) for the retrieving media serial numbers. It would probably be good to specify that serial number related parameters MAY NOT be set or modified using LOG SENSE or LOG SELECT. Interaction with devices that already implement LOG SENSE/SELECT is also an area of concern.
The questions that come to mind are:
1. Is it correct that LOG SENSE can be implemented without implementing LOG SELECT? 
2. Would implementing LOG SENSE be inappropriate or extremely difficult for ATAPI devices? 
3. Will existing ATAPI devices break if they receive a LOG SENSE command? 
4. Will existing LOG SENSE/SELECT implementations break if we add the media serial number support there? 
5. Is there some compelling reason to take a simpler approach? 

Yet another media serial number proposal will be forthcoming shortly,

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