Draft agenda of SAS Protocol Teleconference -- Tuesday Oct 29 [REVISED]

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Tue Oct 29 07:17:00 PST 2002

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SAS Protocol Teleconference -- Tuesday October 29, 2002

Draft Agenda:

1.  Opening Remarks
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Attendance and Membership
4.  Old Business
4.1   SAS Working Draft Review [Elliott]
4.2   SAS Data Corruption Problem (02-323r2) [Gardner/Sheffield]
4.3   SAS Rules for Sequence Count (02-442r0) [Penokie]
4.4   SAS Disconnect-Reconnect Mode Parameters (02-324r0) [Gardner]
4.5   Informative Annex on Expanders (02-291r2) [Hoglund]
4.6   CRC on Frame Header [Roberts] {November 4}
4.7   SAS SATA_ERROR primitive definition (02-418r1) [Hoglund]
4.8   Project proposal for Serial Attached SCSI - 2 (SAS-2) (02-429r0) [Elliott]
4.9   SAS SATA 1.0e Support (02-437r0) [Sheffield]
4.10    SAS Simplified Support for Multiple STP Initiators (02-430r0) [Sheffield]
4.11    SAS SMP Phy Control Extensions (02-439r0) [Sheffield]
4.12    SAS STP Buffering (02-435r0) [Sheffield]
4.13    SAS Interpretation of invalid SAS address (02-444r0) [Elliott]
4.14    Handling of protocol mismatches in a wide port [Elliott]
5.  New Business
5.1   SAS Handling Invalid Link Rates (02-443r0) [Elliott]
5.2   SAS SSP vendor-specific frame types (02-450r0) [Elliott]
5.3   SAS bit and byte ordering overview (02-451r0) [Elliott]
5.4   SAS wide port IDENTIFY error handling (02-445r0) [Elliott]
5.5   SAS Simple Relative Offset (02-449r0) [Galloway]
5.6   SAS Protocol-Specific mode page - make short format optional [Elliott]
6.  Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
7.  Meeting Schedule
8.  Adjournment

Call information:
   Tuesday October 29, 2002
   11:00 am -- 2:00 pm  EST
   10:00 am -- 1:00 pm  CST
    9:00 am -- noon     MST
    8:00 am -- 11:00 am PST

   USA Toll Free Number: 877-417-9828
            Toll Number: +1-706-679-9028
        Conference Code: 719 533 7560

WebEx Session: http://seagate.webex.com/
 Meeting Name: SAS Protocol teleconference
     Password: Carol23
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