FCP-2 Rev 8

Dave Peterson dap at cisco.com
Wed Oct 23 15:11:45 PDT 2002

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FCP-2 Rev 8 has been uploaded -

Change areas for review are:

- Clearing effects tables 4 and 5
- I_T nexus loss notification (clause 4.10)
- Transport Reset notificatin (clause 4.11)
- re-definition of RR_TOV and ULP_TOV
- REC as an Extended link service (clause 6.5)

I would like to defer specifying task retry identification is mandatory to
This issue is well understood by the various FCP-2 implementors at this

The dual use of RR_TOV has become more of a problem with the introduction of
FCP-2 error detection and recovery.
This problem should be addressed in FCP-3.

I believe the document is in good shape and thus am not asking for another
(leter ballot) review cycle.

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FCP-2: Issues to Resolve - ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.02/02-267r2.pdf

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