SAS Proposals 02-43xr0 available

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Wed Oct 23 11:31:26 PDT 2002

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The following proposals have been posted to the T10 website to address a
number of SAS issues related to link-rate handling and SATA

02-430r0 SAS Simplified Support for Multiple STP Initiators
02-431r0 SAS Initiator Connection Link Rate Handling
02-432r0 SAS Target Connection Link Rate Handling
02-433r0 SAS Link Rate Clarification
02-434r0 SAS New Open Reject Primitive
02-435r0 SAS STP Buffering
02-436r0 SAS EOFa Proposal
02-437r0 SAS SATA 1.0e Support
02-438r0 SAS Expander Connection Link Rate Handling
02-439r0 SAS SMP Phy Control Extensions

Also posted is 02-323r2 - an update of Ed Gardner's SAS Data Corruption
(Fix) proposal

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