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Hi all,
Sorry for delay of this report.

1. UDF 2.00 or 2.01?

DVD player/recorder can not read/write the UDF 2.01 disc. Because revision
number field is checked and CRC formula is change. 32K Packet size and file
type 249 are added into UDF 2.00. This is describe in section "UDF2.00 &
UDF2.01 Errata-01, December 2000" of
<>. Why does it happen? Because
DVD Forum needed fixed version document to discuss the implementation for
real CE application/product. So DVD Forum must use UDF 2.00 document.

To be compatible with DVD VR spec., please support UDF 2.00.

2. Pioneer implementation of sparing before sparable partition

As I explained in meeting, Pioneer DVD recorder performs sparing items that
is before sparable partition. If the descriptors of outside of Spareable
partition became defective, replace them into Sparing area, and mark the
entry of Sparing table for the Sparing area as defective by #FFFFFFF0.
Subject descriptors are Volume Descriptor Sequence, Volume Integrity
Descriptor Sequence and Sparing Table.

So if programmer made utility like ScanDisk or FirstAide, please make sure
that the Sparing area that is marked #FFFFFFF0, is used for these
descriptors before release it as usable area at verify (certification)
I will add this into my proposal document.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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