SAS revision 2b now available

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Sun Oct 20 15:08:19 PDT 2002

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Serial Attached SCSI revision 2b is now available on

This revision has change bars from sas-r02. It incorporates these
* 02-276r3 SAS combined request-confirmation list (John Worden)
	(partially incorporated)
* 02-385r0 Minutes of SAS protocol teleconference 24 September 2002 
* Make TASK IU be 28 bytes
* 02-202r4 SAS Port Control state machine update (John Worden)
* 02-318r1 SAS data transfer rules (Ed Gardner)
* 02-359r3 SAS Expander configuration details (Steve Fairchild)
* 02-383r2 SAS change notification proposal (Jim Reif)
* 02-387r2 SAS Programmable PPTOV (Tim Hoglund)
* 02-393r1 SAS Port layer rewrite (Rob Elliott)
* 02-394r1 SPC-3 SAS Protocol-Specific log page (Rob Elliott)
* 02-408r0 Minutes of SAS protocol teleconference 15 October 2002
  * Renumber DEVICE TYPE field values (Rob Elliott)
* 02-410r0 Minutes of SAS PHY teleconference 14 October 2002
  * Accept REPORT PHY ERROR LOG fields as in sas-r02a
  * Drop use of "loss of signal"
* Significant editorial changes to the SP state machine in response to
    comments in the SAS Editor's meeting
* Other editorial changes from the SAS Editor's meeting and emails

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