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> in SAS spec. v 2a page 107, Table 32
> CHANGE primitive only send from E to I
> but in clause, page 115
> "CHANGE is sent by and expander device to notify initiator 
> ports and other expander devices that s configuration change 
> has occurred."
> Which one is correct?
> I believe the CHANGE primitive needs to send to both expander 
> devices and targets also.

It's not intended to be used by targets but it is definitely used by 
fanout expanders.  I'll add 'E' to the To list in table 32.

Although it is not used by targets, the expanders still broadcast 
it to them (they broadcast it to all expander ports, regardless of 
whether an initiator, target, or expander is attached).  I will also 
add 'T' to the To list because of this.

Rob Elliott, elliott at hp.com
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