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    I have a few questions about the spinup proposal.

- SPINUP is only used to spin up the target and nothing will be required to
spin down the target?  Only START STOP Unit must be used to spin down a

- What is the purpose of keep sending the SPINUP primitive periodically
after the device is already spinup?

- Initiator can control SPINUP when direct attached to target with the
device driver.  How does expander manage the SPINUP sequencing, I am not
sure depending on NVROM is acceptable?  Should there be some SMP commands
that can be issued by the initiator to the expander PHY to tell it to spinup
the device?

- Why controlling SATA devices spinup on expander is not included in the
proposal?  If SATA devices are not included then the SPINUP primitive is not
necessary (or any SMP commands), using the START STOP UNIT SCSI command will
be enough.

- In 10.3, "after power on, if the taret device has previously received a
START STOP UNIT command with the START bit set to zero when it receives a
START STOP UNIT command with the START bit set to one, spin-up after
receiving the next SPINUP."  How is it going to work with SATA devices?
What is the purpose of synchronizing SPINUP with START STOP UNIT command?

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