[T11.3] Point to Point login between two N-Ports (FCP-2 and FC-FS)

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The initiator should always send a PRLI regardless of the login results.
If the other device is capable of being a target it should receive a PRLI
If the other device is another initiator only it should receive an LS_RJT.
Some devices may have both target and initiator capabilities.


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 > I have a question related to point-to-point login between two N-Ports
 > the target N_Port_Name is higher than the initiator N_Port_Name.  The
 > frames are sent, then the target sends the PLOGI frame because it has a
 > higher N_Port_Name.  The initiator sends the LS_ACC frame.  The target
 > waits for a PRLI from the initiator because the target is not allowed to
 > send the PRLI.
 > The initiator should send a PRLI if the other device is a target, but it
 > does not know if the other device is a target yet.  If the initiator
 > sends a PRLI and the other device is an initiator, then both initiators
 > would be sending a PRLI.  If the initiator doesn't send a PRLI then no
 > image pair can be established and no SCSI communication can occur between
 > the two devices.
 > The supporting text from FCP-2 and FC-FS are below.
 > What is the correct behavior of the initiator?
 > Is there a hole in FCP-2 or  FC-FS?
 > If there is a hole in the standards, how can we work around the problem?
 > (and the hole needs closed)
 > FC-FS clause implies that there might be a scenario where
 > N_Port_Names would not be exchanged in FLOGI.  Is is appropriate for the
 > target to not send it's Port_Name in the FLOGI but then to send it in it's
 > LS_ACC to the PLOGI?
 > According to FCP-2 clause 6.2, "PRLI requests shall only be initiated by
 > devices having the initiator capability. Devices having only target
 > capability shall not perform a PRLI request."
 > According to FC-FS clause, "If the N_Port_Names are exchanged
 > during Fabric Login, the Nx_Port with the highest N_Port_Name shall
 > transmit the PLOGI."
 > According to FC-FS clause, "The Payload of FLOGI contains the
 > Service Parameters of the Nx_Port, a 64-bit N_Port_Name of the Nx_Port,
 > a 64-bit Node_Name."
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