Renumber SAS device types

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For the case you described 0 should be labeled as 'No device attached' or
something to that affect. I do not think reserved or ignored are good
choices in this case.

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Are the any objections to shifting the DEVICE TYPE field in the IDENTIFY
address frame and the SMP DISCOVER function from:

0 = end device
1 = edge expander device
2 = fanout expander device
3-7 = reserved

0 = reserved  (or ignored?)
1 = end device
2 = edge expander device
3 = fanout expander device
4-7 = reserved

This would allow DISCOVER to return "0/reserved" rather than "0/end device"
for a phy that has no valid device attached. All the other DISCOVER fields
like the link rate fields return 0/reserved, not something that looks like
a valid value, in this situation.

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